Learn ClojureScript
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Learn ClojureScript

Getting started with functional programming for the web

ClojureScript is a pragmatic functional programming language for building web applications. Whether you are an experienced JavaScript developer or a brand-new programmer, this book is your guide to creating impressive web apps in the simple and elegant ClojureScript language. The tutorial-style lessons are easy to follow at your own pace, and the practical capstone projects will reinforce what you have learned.

By the end of the book, you will have created:

  • A weather forecast widget
  • A temperature converter
  • A personal contact manager
  • A text-based adventure game

About the author

Andrew has been writing Clojure code both personally and professionally since 2012. He lives in Colorado with his wife, four children, and a rabbit. Andrew works as a software engineer at deref, fulfilling his lifelong dream of creating a database from scratch. Yes, he’s that much of a nerd. When he has a chance to write a UI, he always uses ClojureScript (naturally).

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